Undock Chart Plus for MetaTrader 4

Undock Chart Plus for MetaTrader 4

With indicator Undock Chart Plus you can detach financial symbol chart from the trading terminal window. Thus, you may set the main platform window on one screen display to control your account state, and move your charts to other screen displays to observe the market situation. With chart window transparency you can compare overlapped charts or to observe other programs behind the chart window.

To detach a chart from the terminal, attach the indicator to a chart. After that, move the chart to the desired screen display. A separate window menu on detached chart allows manage chart options, applying charts objects, use chart window transparency and much more without having to switch between screen displays. Unlike the toolbox menu, the drop-down text menu gives you more options and takes up little space. It is especially useful when you want to place several charts on one screen display.

The Undock Chart Plus is an indicator and remembers the position and size of the window after restarting the MT4 platform. You can add programs from the Navigator window (Ctrl+N) to the chart window. Also, you can use all standard MT4 keyboard shortcuts. The chart window must be active in that case. The hotkeys for custom indicators and scripts must be defined in the Hotkeys.csv file, which is located in the MQL4\Files\ directory. The file can be edited even with notepad. At the end of the file you will find description how to define hotkeys for scripts and indicators.




The Undock Chart Plus is a new application and you must test it before payment. You can test it for seven days. The program has been tested on Windows 7 and 10. On remote desktops (VPS) there is a problem with one function not supported by the system, but after copying the file the problem is solved. On Mac OS MetaTrader 4 currently does not work. On Linux the application has not been tested.

You can try a fully functioning copy of Undock Chart Plus before you buy for seven days.