Trend Lines Buy Sell Close


Trend Lines Buy Sell Close

Expert allows send and close orders exactly on tops or bottoms using trend lines Buy, Sell and Close (CAOO). Trend line CAOO can be used as hidden SL or TP. The expert is useful with market trends, in price channels and with Andrew's pitchfork.


This tool is using three lines Buy, Sell and Close All Opened Orders (CAOO). With these lines you can open new order or close all opened orders exactly on tops or bottoms, in this way you nan increase profits and minimize losses. CAOO trend line can be used as hidden TP,SL or manual TS. It is perfect line for scalpers that can secure profits disallow price pullback. Due to line CAOO is closing all orders on current chart, the line has protection against accidental activation. The line is playing calm warning sounds and is blinking when price is near. Trend lines Buy and Sell are placing orders with SL and TP. Risk value and pip distance to TP and SL you can set in settings. Trend lines Buy, Sell and CAOO are inactive in vertical position and you can move them safely at any place on the chart.


  • Risk from 0.1% of Account Balance according to broker lot step.  
  • SL distance in pips - according to it Risk of deposit will be calculated.
  • Default SL distance in pips for new opened order.
  • Default TP distance in pips for new opened order.
  • OCO - if set as true, One-Cancels-the-Other - will delete opposite order line.
  • OCO - if set as true, then CAOO line can replace deleted opposite trend line as TP what can be useful in price channels.
  • The D key is used for deleting / restoring lines and hiding them on higher time frames.
  • With indicator All Trend Lines Alert you can disable sound warnings of line CAOO.
  • If you don’t see line descriptions, then in chart properties (F8) check box Show object descriptions.


Buy or Sell line. Using this line is very easy. What you need is only set this line as trend line and wait when price (BID- that you see) hits trend line. After that new order is opened with TP and SL and trend lines is deleted, and next automatically restored in default “start” position. Deleting line is needed to open only one market order. Expert does not create pending orders, it sends market orders when price BID hits line Buy or Sell (according to pip range), so "orders" are invisible for broker. Pip range for lines you can set in settings, as default it is 1pip (for 4 and 5 digit brokers).

CAOO line. This line is closing all opened orders on current chart - buy and sell. The line is acting as lines above, also has protection against accidental activation. Colour of line is red but when price is approaching its colour is changing, first from red to gold without sound warnings, between 10 to 5pips colour is bright with calm sound alerts, next is almost white with frequent short sounds, and finally, when price hits line, all orders from the current chart are closed at the market price. To be sure, due to market execution line CAOO is not deleted for 3 seconds (as default). It can protect you on fast market, like Non-Farm Payrolls announcement, where broker can reject many trade request. During this time, the line constantly is trying to close opened orders. CAOO line can be perfect line for any that want to secure profits disallow pullbacks.

sure? suffix. This is protection against price gap that also allows you takes profits if price skip TP and your broker did not close the orders. First you need set line CAOO above or below price in this way > relative to price (not <). If everything is set correctly, you can delete from description question mark “?”. Now it is very dangerous tool because it's closing all orders when the price is above that slope \ or below / that slope line. Distance of price to line has no meaning, but only proper side of line relative to the price level.

Important - when lines are set in vertical position they are inactive and you can move lines safely. In order to act with price, they have to be slope or in horizontal position. Visibility of lines is set from M1 to H1. For managing lines of indicator is using key D. If you want to hide lines of expert when are not needed, skip to MN time frame and press D. To restore these lines to “start” position on your current time frame (M1 to H)1 use key D again. You need to have proper settings for push notifications (MetaQuotes ID). The Indicator All Trend Lines Alert allows you disable sound warning but line CAOO is still flashing if price is near CAOO line.

Trade manager 4X Lab - latest version of this EA is added as module in trade manager 4X Lab. In the 4X Lab you can hide lines Buy, Sell, CAOO using mouse pointer, what is very useful on offline charts like tick chart, where you can’t change chart period. To do this, scroll the chart to the left, click the chart pointing place where the lines should be moved and press key D. In fact, it can be any place, where candles are older than candles from default location where trend lines are restored.


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If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let me know. Feedback (especially improvement ideas) are most welcome.