Order Screen-shot - indicator for MetaTrader 4 that takes screen-shots whenever orders were opened, modified or closed.

Order Screen-shots

indicator for MetaTrader 4 that takes screen-shots whenever orders were opened, modified or closed. Great tool that can takes screen-shots of transactions to your Trading Diary, also useful if you want to find out how your Expert Advisor exactly works. What happened in the moment, when order was modified or closed. The indicator is invisible on chart.


  • The indicator takes screenshots whenever the order is opened, closed, closed partially or its SL or TP was modified by you or your EA.
  • In current version the indicator can take screenshots for orders with specific Order Magic Number.
  • Screen-shots are saved in the appropriate currency pair folder under the file name = date + time with seconds + day of week + currency symbol + time frame.
  • Current size and visibility of the chart and the MetaTrader platform has no effect on screen-shots.
  • This is an indicator so you can use your EA without limitation.


  • Take screen-shots?
  • Width and height of screen-shots.
  • Minimum time span in seconds between screen-shots.
  • Order Magic Number. Value 0 means take screen-shots for all orders.

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You can see also indicator Risk Management and Order Screen-shot.

4X Lab - the expert is taking a screen shots whenever order is closed, closed partially or deleted with detailed description and order trace on the chart for closed market orders. Current size chart and MT4 platform visibility has no impact on screen shot. Clicked background of Effortless Risk Manager or key P takes screen shot of current chart. Key ‘P’ automatically align screen shot to the right if chart auto-scroll is enabled, else chart screen shot is centered and you can take a screen shot from scrolled chart but without order lines.Screen shots are saved in MQL4\Files\Symbol of instrument\Closed, Deleted or Screenshots folder. In current version of 4X Lab screen shots of deleted pending orders are disabled.

If you identify any bugs or if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know. Feedback are most welcome.