How to buy - useful information

How to buy - useful information


Purchased program will be related to your email address and your exact name that you can see in the MetaTrader Navigator window. Email address is your password that you need enter in program inputs. The only one limitation is that your Name and Surname must be exactly the same as visible in the MetaTrader Navigator window next to the account numbers. Program works with all your trading accounts on any computer or VPS immediately after download and without any other limitations. Additional compilation is not needed. During one day you can test program before you pay. Link to the program you will receive in confirmation email after submitting the order form. Please check spam folder if you don't see email. Please keep this safe email because the link to download is unique. Whenever you fill in order form with the same credentials and program name, you will see program status. After you pay for the program, the payment button will turn to download button which can be used for program upgrades. When upgrade is available, program will inform you about it automatically as comment in chart window and as information in the terminal, tab Experts.



  1. Program works immediately after download.
  2. You can use program with unlimited amount of accounts.
  3. Bought programs work on each PC and any VPS
  4. Program will inform you about available upgrades.
  5. You can try program before you pay.
  6. For program you pay once.


Additional information:

How much time left before the program expire you can find out from the MT4 terminal or when you fill in order form again. Program comply shift between server time and your broker time zone. One day is added as time for program activation. If program expire, you can also pay but activation to full version may take one business day.

If in the Navigator window first letter of the name is lower case, then program assumes that all letters are lower case. This solution allows you use accounts like John Smith and john smith. In other case please inform about it in order form.

Programs are connecting to the server under SSL, so connection is encrypted. Fast internet connection is not needed. Programs are limiting their connections to minimum. Experts and scripts are connecting only once when starting, the indicators also when time frame was changed due to Mql language features.

Successfully run program saves password to the file, so you don’t need enter password again and again. File with password is common for all purchased programs. If program and user don't match, the file is deleted and you need enter password again.

While payment please remove PayPal buyers protection (-7%) because PayPal is not a party to this transaction. You can download and try fully working program before you pay. The PayPal service is used only for transferring money and they earn money on currency exchange. Everything in your favour! If it is needed, as your PayPal comment please type only your name and email address, especially if they are different from credentials used in program order form.

If your program works in unexpected way due to new build of MetaTrader, please inform me. Programs related to account numbers are no longer sold but you still can change account numbers in your program according to old rules. Old rules you will find here. Upgrade from old system of sales to a new one will be available soon.

Because website is rebuilt, so some buttons in drop-down list can be inactive yet.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are thinking about cooperation please contact me.
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Disclaimer: If you trade with programs purchased on KLORE-FX.EU including advices to selecting an EA or Indicator, you are doing so at your own discretion. You may lose a substantial amount of money by taking the risk of live trading. Forex is a risky business. KLORE-FX.EU will not be held responsible for your losses or problems of any kind if the EA or Indicator is directly or indirectly responsible for any losses.