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Hide My Orders

Hide My Orders was designed to work with 4X Lab on another auxiliary charts of the same symbol. Its mine purpose is to hide horizontal lines of orders, which may interfere the preview on a charts with your technical analysis. Moreover, with Hide button you can temporarily hide whole technical analysis for a new or better market insight. Build in risk calculator can calculate lot size for our free scripts Quick Buy Position and Quick Sell Position. The lot size of the order is calculated according to current account balance, risk value and predefined stop loss distance. The Stop Loss and Risk value you can edit (in labels) directly on a chart. You can set wallpaper and buttons appearance the same like in 4X Lab. For example, different wallpapers and button appearances can facilitate to distinguish charts between different instrument symbols. The candle timer shows remaining time of current first candle and ATR value for current chart period from last 20 candles. In settings wallpaper no. '0' means do not set wallpapers as chart background. Key 'P' is taking screen-shot of current chart. Key 'F' like in script Chart Auto Focus is switching on/off chart scale-fix and moves price to the middle of the chart. The chart symbol label (with risk calculator), if currently is near price level is automatically moved to opposite chart corner.


Hide My Orders uses following keys:

  • Key arrow up/down moves risk calculator with spread and symbol label to opposite corner (if the price is not near the corner of the chart).
  • Key F is switching on/off chart Scale Fix and moves price to middle of the chart e.g. finding out SL or TP level (also works with arrows above).
  • Key P is taking screen-shots of current chart. Saved picture you will find in MQL4\Files\Symbol\Screenshots folder with detailed description as file name.
  • Key D is deleting comments, order history from chart (arrows and lines) and useless lines of the indicator Truncated Support and Resistance Lines.
  • Button Hide hides your current technical analysis objects on current chart.
  • Button Back removes wallpaper and shows horizontal order lines.


In setting you can set:

  • proper pip value, e.g. 1pip = 10points,
  • parameters of risk calculator,
  • expert labels appearance,
  • candle timer appearance,
  • properties of the chart,
  • wallpaper and buttons appearance,
  • screen-shot width and height,
  • chart window width and height in pixels when risk calculator is minimized,
  • scale factor for Chart Focus - key F.



If you identify any bugs or if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know. Feedback are most welcome.

Last updated: March 10, 2020