Global Cross-hair ATR shows cross-hair on all charts of any type and any symbol in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Global Cross-hair ATR

Global Cross-hair ATR simultaneously shows cross-hair on all charts of any symbol and any chart type in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The indicator can be used for comparison of price levels and time periods on all charts of the same currency pair or for comparison candles according to time periods on charts of any symbols. You can also compare different types of charts, for example, standard chart with tick chart, renko, range bar and others. Global Cross-hair can work with my scripts Quick Buy Position (Alt+B) and Quick Sell Position (Alt+S) that can place orders according to risk management. In this case scripts can read pip distance as SL value needed for calculating the order lot size.
With key M Global Cross-hair ATR shows ATR levels, which massively helps the professional traders who rely on specific indicators like ATR to quickly identify appropriate levels for SL and TP. With key M Global Cross-hair ATR displays two horizontal lines above and below the current price the cross-hair is pointing at. It is easy to see now if former support or resistance levels are in that range. If not, ATR-levels might indicate appropriate values for SL and TP. Measured values you can read from ATR lines and as comment in upper left corner of the chart.
Indicator can be easily attached to chart from navigator menu or with keystroke Ctrl + F. Keystroke you need to set manually. Moreover you can assign a hotkey to the mouse button if your mouse supports such solution. When you press Escape button indicator will be removed from all charts and by this will not consume your CPU resources.


  • On start indicator constantly shows cross-hair on all charts of any symbol.
  • On first click it will place another cross-hair and constantly will draw line between them showing pip and period distance. In opposite to standard MT4 cross-hair you can scroll chart during the measurement. Line can be used to point trends and two cross-hairs can point consolidations, their duration and price range.
  • On second click additional cross-hair and line will be removed from all charts.
  • When you press Escape button indicator will be removed from all charts.
  • Colour of cross-hairs on their charts are always foreground colour, so they are always visible for you.
  • If you click middle mouse button you can use KL cross-hair with MT4 cross-hair at the same time.
  • In bonus settings for better visibility you can change colour of main cross-hair and line style, also indicator shows more precise calculations.
  • With free program X-Mouse Button Control the indicator can works like script with omitted indicator window on start. You may need remove previous mouse drivers.
4X Cross ATR uses following keys:

  • Key M switches on/off cross-hair with ATR levels.
  • Key N alternately freezes last ATR measurement, so you can compare it with any place on the chart.
  • Keys comma and dot (in many cases with <>) can increase or decrease distance of horizontal ATR lines if they are needed to be adjust to support or resistance levels.


Gallery also shows settings for programs Logitech Setpoint

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Global Cross-hair disallow of its multiple instances on the same chart. Because it is an indicator you will always need to confirm OK button on start. If you are using Logitech SetPoint from screenshots on the right, you can learn how to assign hotkeys Ctr+F and Esc to mouse buttons, which will work only in MT4 terminal (specific for MT4). If you like this products please leave feedback.


Bonus clues

  • Create label or text object with name Crs_+ and next, run Global Cross and exit. Label will disappear.
  • Use hotkey Ctrl+B and select objects by Name.
  • After that you will see labels:
    1. <
    2. Crs_ATR = averaging period,
    3. Crs_ATR_TF = constant time frame in minutes, 0 means current,
    4. Crs_color = main color of cross-hair (prefix "clr" before Color Name is needed),
    5. Crs_style - from 0 to 4, e.g. 2 = dotted.
  • Run Global Cross-hair with new appearance.


Program X-Mouse Button Control allows you to assign keystroke Ctrl+F and Esc to mouse buttons. For proper working you may need remove previous mouse drivers. I'm using X-Mouse Button for over one year and program works very well.

  • In Navigator you need set hotkey Ctrl+F for Global Cross-hair.
  • In program X-Mouse Button Control, tab Layer 1, select Middle Button and Mouse Button 4, from drop-down list choose Simulated Keys: (undefined)
    1. {CTRL}F{WAITMS100}{RETURN} - the sequence that launches Global Cross-hair and next confirms OK button.
    2. {ESCAPE} - removes Global Cross-hair from all charts as mouse button is pressed.
    3. For both buttons please set: Send the simulated keys strokes: 1 As mouse button is pressed.
  • After all to run and remove Global Cross-hair you need two mouse clicks. Keystroke Ctrl+F is replacing standard cross-hair that is still available with middle mouse button.
  • If OK button was not confirmed automatically, ensure that the indicator is on About tab.

What's new?

Version 1.144 2019.09.09 - Speed up the indicator. For better operations added millisecond setting. When the indicator freezes due to a large number of objects on the charts, you can increase the number of milliseconds between operations.


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If you identify any bugs or if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know. Feedback are most welcome.