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Andrews Pitchfork PRO for MetaTrader 4

The new Andrews Pitchfork PRO v.2.0 for MetaTrader. This tool offers enhanced capabilities in comparison to the standard Andrews Pitchfork tool available in the MetaTrader toolbox. The indicator is completely invisible on the chart (category attach to a chart and forget). After adding to a chart, the indicator replaces the standard pitchforks from the MetaTrader toolbox. In this version was improved the indicator stability, tool precision and also, we fixed many bugs from previous version. Now the indicator does not use files to store pitchfork settings and using it is much easier. Many improvements have been adopted from the brand-new Andrews Pitchfork Plus indicator for MT4/5.

If you are looking for more advanced Andrews Pitchfork tool, please also check out our new Andrews Pitchfork PRO+ (aka Andrews Pitchfork Plus) tool for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. The Andrews Pitchfork Plus tools for MT4/5 offer, among others audible alerts and optional trade operations.

You can try a fully functioning copy of Andrews Pitchfork PRO before you buy for seven days.


Options available in pitchfork menu:

  1. Show levels ON/OFF - turns on the showing of levels and shows basic levels up to ten,
  2. Show X levels - shows additional levels, X stands for the sum of basic and additional levels up to fourteen (of all levels),
  3. Trigger line P1 - shows or hides the line,
  4. Trigger line P2 - shows or hides the line,
  5. Sliding parallel line - shows or hides the line,
  6. Schiff’s Median Line – enables Schiff median line by Mircea Dologa,
  7. A&R mode – enables Action & Reaction mode,
  8. What’s new? – information and useful links.


Detailed description of the Andrews Pitchfork PRO 2.004 for MT4 you will find in the PDF manual below.

Learn about the Andrews Pitchfork PRO+ for MetaTrader 4, a new tool with more options.

Learn about the Andrews Pitchfork PRO+ for MetaTrader 5

What's new?

Current version 2.004 - 2019.07.22 - completely new tool with many solutions adopted from brand-new indicator Andrews Pitchfork PRO+ for MT4/5 (links below). To find out more, please read the PDF manual. This version is currently not available on

Version 1.140 - 2017.08.28 - removed auto alignment mechanism due to is available in Toolbox PRO1. Added Schiff median and Action & Reaction lines in menu. This version is currently not available on

Version 1.110 - (the version available on mql5 market) with new alignment mechanism of pitchfork anchor points to chart tops and bottoms. Distance of magnet sensitivity was changed from pips distance to pixel distance. Also, you can disable automatic alignment, and if needed, force it by key Ctrl and click in the pitchfork.


The picture below shows differences between indicator versions (including updated version PRO 2.0 for MT4).


Tools related to Andrews Pitchfork PRO:

  • Andrews Pitchfork PRO+ (Andrews Pitchfork Plus) – The indicator for MetaTrader 4/5, which has been greatly improved on the previous MetaTrader 4 version (Andrews Pitchfork PRO). The MetaTrader 5 version you will find here.
  • Toolbox PRO1 - toolbox – With Toolbox PRO 1 you can create quickly and precisely multi time frame technical analysis on single chart (e.g. to clone it to another chart). That means technical analysis from lower time frames does not disturb on higher time frames. Technical analysis on higher time frames fits exactly into tops and bottoms on lower time frames. The time frame of object origin is easily recognizable by object colour, its description and object tooltip, which also shows you when object was created. The tool is completely invisible on the chart, so it is category attach to a chart and forget. Objects are plotted directly from MetaTrader 4 toolbox, also in another style variant by single press key Ctrl, Alt Gr or Space before object is plotted. If you think that mother of invention are laziness and comfort, then the Toolbox Pro is for you.
  • Toolbox PRO 2 - cloner – The script clones all objects of your technical analysis to every another chart of the same instrument. Objects are copied with the same name, description, colour, amount of levels and theirs values, visibility and other parameters. Toolbox PRO2 has file with settings that you can edit in notepad in order to set which objects should be copied.
  • Toolbox PRO 3 - freezer – The script safes your technical analysis by making objects alternately un-selectable or selectable for editing.

If you identify any bugs or if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know. Feedback are most welcome.

Last updated: November 13, 2020